Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Growing Up.

Hey Everyone, 

It's been a while, christ 2 months in fact, it's been too long. No wonder my mind is going into overdrive, it's about time I wrote a blog and blabbered about something that's been playing on my mind! 

So, as it is my birthday tomorrow and I'm turning the grand old age of 25 (Yes 25 years old ladies and gentlemen, a quarter of a century), I thought it was fitting that I talk about growing up, something that I seem to be struggling with at the moment. 

What is growing up? Is it suppose to be easy? When I was younger I thought growing up was easy peasy, I though the years just ticked on by and when you reached certain ages when things should be happening they just did. Ehh ehh, doesn't quite work like that does it? 

Do you remember when you were little and people would say "learn while your young because it'll get harder the older you get"..? I mean they may have been referring to riding a bike or skiing, but I'm sort of wishing that extended out to things like buying a car or applying for a mortgage, maybe if I had learnt them things when I was young growing up wouldn't seem so daunting. 

Being someone that has anxiety issues with making decision, definitely makes making grown up decisions that slight bit harder. I thought to myself the other day, maybe I'll grow into it, you know, become a better decision maker as I get older. But then, how much older do I have to get before making a grown up decision doesn't take a mental break down? I mean when even am I a grown up. Technically I guess I am a grown up now, at what age do you even become a grown up? 

Question after question, it is something that has had me baffled for a few days now. Maybe I'm just having a 'mid-20s crisis' or something. Maybe it will all make sense tomorrow when I wake up 25 years old and a grown up, or maybe I'll wake up even more immature than ever and celebrate my birthday in true '16 year old with beers down the local park' style. 

I don't know if anyone will have answers to any of my many questions, perhaps it is just one of them topics we will always ponder. I guess only time will tell (and growing up of course). 

Have you ever suffered a 'mid-20s crisis' and fancy helping me through it? Comments would be greatly appreciated. 

Ciao for now, EmmaJessica <3