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Jan 2017: Lisa Heathfield

Heyyyy Everyone,

Book reviews are back!! Sorry I know I missed December, but I wasn't reading any festive books and it felt inappropriate to write a ‘non-festive’ post. Fear not though, I continued to read and am coming back with a review on two books.

I was kindly gifted two books, written by Lisa Heathfield, by a friend at Egmont. I jumped straight into reading ‘Paper Butterflies’ and had intended on keeping ‘Seed’ for the summer, but I enjoyed Lisa’s style of writing and the story so much I continued straight on to the next book (literally in the same night!).
Both of these books are unusual stories, that are in absolutely no way predictable, which is why I loved them! I am always on the lookout for a good story that will keep me hooked and has twists and turns that you can’t see coming! Lisa has perfected this in both of her books!
I must admit these books are actually written for an age range of 12 year + (and I am 24 haha), but they are so well written that I think anyone could read them and enjoy.. from 12 to 65!!

Paper Butterflies was my first read. The story of June growing up with a ‘wicked’ stepmother, the kind of step mum that would make her eat until she is throwing up, which leads to her getting bullied at school for being overweight. The book shows how she escapes from it all and finds a safe haven with a boy ‘friend’. It will touch so many of your emotions and help you explore subjects you would never expect to read in a book targeted at teenagers, but they are topics that inevitably they need to know about and they are written in a way that young adults will be able to understand.  

I read the last page of Paper Butterflies and immediately picked up Seed. The story of Pearl, a young innocent girl growing up in what can only be described as a Cult, where they worship Mother Nature. However, Pearl is becoming sceptical about her situation, and the arrival of some outsiders completely change life in Seed for everyone! Again, this book explores so many different emotions and topics. You never know what is about to happen. The action doesn’t come till a bit later in the book but it is still interesting enough to keep you hooked from the first chapter!

Overall, I am a massive Lisa Heathfield fan, when’s the next book out Lisa?!
Is it just me that reads books targeted at a younger age? Do you have any you could recommend?

Next month I am getting stuck into The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion.

 Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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