Sunday, 4 December 2016

Top Christmas Socks

Heyyyy Everyone,

Happy 4th of December!! Oh, and happy #NationalSockDay!!

To celebrate National Sock Day (according to National Day Calendar haha) I have picked my 4 favourite Christmas socks!! I found that most of the best ones were the sort of slipper sock style thicker socks, which I don't really like wearing under shoes or boots, but I do like wearing them at home instead of slippers, so comfy! And let's be honest we spend most of Christmas lounging around the house anyway so there's no better time to buy plenty of pairs of thick socks!

Why stop at a Christmas Jumper? Get yourself Christmas'd up from head to toe!

1. Topshop £3.50, 2. ASOS £8, 3. M&S £5, 4. Next £3.50

Found any more cute pairs of Christmas socks that just HAVE to be in my draw? Send me links!!

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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