Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Get in the Festive Spirit

Heyyyy Everyone,

Happy 7th of Decmeber!

By now you should be well and truly in the festive spirit, but if you're struggling to get in the mood (for some strange reason) I have come up with 5 little changes you need to make to your day-to-day life and before you know it you'll be humming Christmas tunes!

1. Christmas PJ's - these days you can pick up a pair of cheap Christmas pyjama's from any supermarket or Primark. Waking up in your Christmas PJ's is the most festive way to start your day.

2. Most people make a brew when they get up, so your next step is to purchase a christmas themed mug. I got mine from Asda for £3 (bargain!) and I take it to work with me so I can sip a festival cuppa all day!

3. Decorate your working area - Get yourself to your local poundstore or home bargains and pick up come tinsel for a couple of pounds and pin it around your desk, or working area. There's nothing like a Christmas sparkle to make you feel festive!

4. Listen to at least 1 Christmas song a day. Blast it out of your car radio on the way to work, or get the whole office involved and play Christmas tunes during your lunch break. We've been playing Christmas music in our office since December 1st and everyone can't help but bob along and smile!

5. I'm sure it's a given, but if you haven't alread you have 7 days to catch up on, so get out and get yourself an advent calendar. Opening that door and seeing the big day get closer and closer is so exciting I could squeal! I have one at home and one on my desk at work, double the excitment!

What else are you doing to get wake up your festive spirit?

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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