Saturday, 3 December 2016

Festive Fruit Cake

Heyyyy Everyone,
Happy 3rd of December!!
To me Christmas is all about traditions, and every family has different traditions. One of my favourites is my Nanny Plumbs baking. She bakes all year of course, but she ups her game around Christmas time and we have an everlasting supply of mince pies, bakewell tarts, marble cake, fruit cake and more! So today I though I'd dust off my apron and get baking.
I have used my Nan's easy fruit cake recipe, which is available in the Be-Ro book. It really is simple, you don't need any fancy equipment and there are only 6 ingredients, most of which you will have in your cupboard anyway. So come and bake with me!
What you need...
1. Place fruit, sugar, margarine & water in a pan and simmer with the lid on for 20 minutes. Stir it every now and then and you will notice the mixture thickens slightly.
2. After 20 minutes put it aside to cool and at this point grease either a 7" cake tin or loaf tin, I like to make mine like loafs because that's how my Nan has always done it. Also get your oven on and set it to 150.
3. Once your mixture is cool enough and it isn't going to turn your egg into scrambled egg, add the beaten egg and stir the flour in.
4. Now simply pour it into your tin and bake for around 1 1/2 hours (put your feet up and relax to a classic Christmas movie, it's a slow baker this one!)
Decorating your fruit cake..
5. At this point your cake is done and is perfect to serve as it is or with a bit of butter on, but as it's Christmas I decided I wanted to make my cake festive. Get creative and dig deep into your cupboards to add anything to the top.
Here's what my finished festive fruit cake looks like.. For my first Christmas bake I am quite impressed with myself! Need to practise decorating though, not sure how Mary Berry would feel about that!

What traditions do you and your family have for Christmas?
Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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