Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Christmas Wrapping

Heyyyy Everyone,

Happy 6th of December!!

Call me crazy but wrapping presents is one of my favourite Christmas traditions! To me, giving gifts is not the same unless they come complete with all the Chrsitmas decorations I can get my hands on. Every year I like to make it slightly different and that means searching high and low all year long to find bits. I get my creative juices flowing and make it a project. Here's what I am working with this year:

The Santa stockings are for my brother and sisters gifts and were just from the poundshop. They are huge, you can tell from the wrapping paper, thats normal sized wrapping paper!! I got my wrapping paper this year from M&S, they always have a good array of designs and it's great quality. I picked up the mini crackers in Home Sense and though these would be great to stick on the front of gifts as a little extra gift. Chocolate coins and candy canes are something I always stick to gifts and I picked these up in Asda. And finally the labesl are from a small boutique shop local to me. These are the kind of things I look for all year to make the gifts personal. Here's a closer look at them...

And after a few hours of fighting with cellotape, whilst drinking a glass (bottle) of wine and singing Christmas songs, here are a few of the final gifts. I haven't put everything in this picture because I know what my family are like and I don't want them analysing the picture to guess their gifts, but you get the idea :) 

Do you do anything different with your wrapping?

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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