Monday, 5 December 2016

Bathtub Party Day

Heyyyy Everyone,

Happy 5th of December.. and Happy Bathtub Party Day!!

Who, in god's name, invented the bathtub party day?! Because who ever they are needs to recieve a knighthood from the queen. What an absolute legend!

Anyone that knows me will know that I absolutely look a bath. To me a bath is like a huge hug and I want to be hugged every morning and every night, maybe even during the day too! Yeah that's right. I could literally spend hours in the bath. With my laptop on the toilet seat playing my current fave on Netflix, or a good book, and of course a glass of wine, I'm in my element.

The problem with having so many baths is the cost of bath products can rack up, and sometimes I just can't justify spending so much money on some bubbles. So, over the years, I have found some great bargains for bathtime.

Firstly the bath bomb. Like probably 99% of girls, Lush is my ultimate favourite place to get bath treats. But, unfortunately, they come at a cost! Lush products are on my birthday and Christmas list every year but I needed to find something a bit lighter on my wallet for everyday. You can absolutely not fault Bomb Cosmetics. They are affordable and smell just as delicious as Lush bath bombs. They range from around £2.49-3.99 and come in HEAPS of different scents. For this Christmas bath I went for the classic Christmas pudding, Cooltide Bath Blaster. It had ginger and cinamon oils making my whole bathroom smell delicious!

And look at the gorgeous sparkles left in my bath at the end!! I didn't want to wash them away!

You need bubbles, and you can't go wrong with Radox. It's by far the best and you can pick it up for £1 in most beauty stores. I must admitt when it comes to washing my hair and body I do treat myself. However, I still always try to get them as a bargain. This Bed Head shampoo and conidtioner was from TKMaxx, a great place to get better brands at cheap prices. And I am lucky enough to have a Body Shop outlet near me, so I'm always stocking up when things are on offer. The strawberry scent is my ultimate favourite from Body Shop, and I can't wash without my trusty scrub gloves.  

So now I've got the perfect bath it's time to get my head stuck into my current read. I'm loving reading at the moment, expect lots of book reviews coming your way soon!

What are your favourite bath products?

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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