Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Art of Acting Cool

Heyyyy Everyone, 

Sorry about the missed blog post last week, I was doing so well and then life just all got on top of me and I missed a week, oops! 

This week I am talking about the art of acting cool, not just being a general cool dude, but acting cool in the whole dating / relationship / boy meets girl situation. I decided to write this post because I recently discovered that if anything I am very uncool, I am lacking in the 'cool department'. I have no idea what is the best way to act so unfortunately I am not able to tell you how to be cool. However, I can tell you about some of things I stress about when I'm trying to be cool and how I sometimes manage to get around it. (LOL at how many times I've said cool!)

I recently met a guy and I thought 'no stress Emma, be cool'. After probably 1 hour, no lets be more realistic, after 10 minutes, of leaving 'said' boy I started to question whether being cool was ever a possibility. I feel like it is something in a females brain that switches. Whilst I was still trying to be cool my brain was getting confused and giving me mixed signals..'we're being cool not adding him on Facebook, waiting for him, but what if I'm missing out on talking to my future husband, no only uncool girls would think that and in this situation we are being cool, but it would be good to know what he's thinking about me, NO BE COOL'.. this kind of brain activity is kind of hard to deal with. 

It brings me round to the whole 'girls waiting for guys'. Is that still the case or is that like so last year? After be persuaded by my girlfriends in this situation I ended being the first to add on Facebook and the first to make contact after we met. Does this make me uncool? Or kinda cool for breaking the rule of 'girls waiting for guys'? Honestly, I HAVE NO IDEA!!! 

Then when you are messaging a guy (regardless of who messaged who first) it becomes a question of, how quickly do I respond, do I have to leave it so many minutes to be cool? Also, what do I say to act cool, I don't want to be so chilled that he thinks I've put him in the friend zone, but then I also don't want to be so forward he thinks I'm a freak. What I wonder the most is whether guys are thinking the same thing or if all just comes easy to them. 

It's kind of a mind boggling experience really! The only way I ever get round it is asking my girlfriends and 100% trusting what they say. I put my faith in them. When they said 'screw everything and add him' and went straight over to Facebook and pressed add! I might have had a mini heart attack after I realised what I'd done and then freaked out until I got a notification that he'd accepted, but thank god my girlfriends are there to force me into these situations. 

I feel like this blog has just been a rant, but I hope some of you ladies out there can relate to what I am talking about and if you have any advice for me I would love to here it in the comments! 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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