Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Heyyyy Everyone, 

Following on from last weeks blog on how to get over that 'one that got away' I thought I would stick with the theme of 'men', and discuss Tinder. I have recently joined Tinder, and actually it has become rather addictive. However, it does really irritate me at times too! So I want to have a little rant about things that piss me off on Tinder: 

1. No description or a crap description - apart from their pictures this is the first time the guy is able to make a good first impression. Some guys don't even have the decency to write anything and others write some crap joke or just brag about how many times they go to the gym. If a guy is able to make me genuinely laugh from his description then I am so ready to swipe right. 

2. Pictures with children or women - I don't mind so much if there is an explanation in the description like 'me and nephew in the pic', or 'me and my sister in the pic', but if there is no explanation then I am going to be thinking do you have a kid? And why are you so cosy with that girl? 

3. Pictures of cars or motorbikes - Especially motorbikes for me, because I really don't like them, so immediately this is a turn off for me. But even a picture of their car, I mean why? I'm not interested in what you drive, it isn't going to gain you any bonus points! 

4. All group pictures - How the hell am I suppose to know who you are if all you're pictures are group pictures? And yeah sure it I study the pictures carefully I might be able to work out who is in every picture, but I don't have time for that! 

All these things annoy me, but needless to say I still go on Tinder. I don't expect I'll find the love of my life but it's fun! Are you on Tinder? Does anything annoy you on there? 

Caio EmmaJessica <3

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