Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Combi | Raw Eating in Melbourne

Heyyyy Everyone,

So I don't want to be that person that jumps on the band wagon all the time, but this time I really can't help it. With so many people promoting raw healthy eating recently it really interested me but I never really had the motivation to get into it properly. However, I recently moved in with a trainee raw food chef, who has been cooking incredible meals for me and motivating me to really try and change my eating habits. So expect some healthy cooking blogs and vlogs over on my YouTube channel

My flatmate introduced me to this amazing little cafe in Elwood, Melbourne called Combi. They have the most amazing menu of all raw, healthy foods. Everything there is incredible and it has become my favourite hangout on my days off, I took a few pictures today...

Veggie Burger

Raw Pizza

Beetroot Brownie

If your into raw living I would love to her all about it, and if you're ever in Melbourne you must try out Combi. 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Heyyyy Everyone, 

Following on from last weeks blog on how to get over that 'one that got away' I thought I would stick with the theme of 'men', and discuss Tinder. I have recently joined Tinder, and actually it has become rather addictive. However, it does really irritate me at times too! So I want to have a little rant about things that piss me off on Tinder: 

1. No description or a crap description - apart from their pictures this is the first time the guy is able to make a good first impression. Some guys don't even have the decency to write anything and others write some crap joke or just brag about how many times they go to the gym. If a guy is able to make me genuinely laugh from his description then I am so ready to swipe right. 

2. Pictures with children or women - I don't mind so much if there is an explanation in the description like 'me and nephew in the pic', or 'me and my sister in the pic', but if there is no explanation then I am going to be thinking do you have a kid? And why are you so cosy with that girl? 

3. Pictures of cars or motorbikes - Especially motorbikes for me, because I really don't like them, so immediately this is a turn off for me. But even a picture of their car, I mean why? I'm not interested in what you drive, it isn't going to gain you any bonus points! 

4. All group pictures - How the hell am I suppose to know who you are if all you're pictures are group pictures? And yeah sure it I study the pictures carefully I might be able to work out who is in every picture, but I don't have time for that! 

All these things annoy me, but needless to say I still go on Tinder. I don't expect I'll find the love of my life but it's fun! Are you on Tinder? Does anything annoy you on there? 

Caio EmmaJessica <3

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The one that got away...

Heyyyy Everyone, 

Do you ever just look at a guy and think 'if you asked me to marry you right now I would totally say yes'? And I'm not talking about David Beckham or any other hot celebrities that come to mind. I'm also not talking to you girls in happy relationships who wake up every morning praying today is the day. No, I'm talking to us single lasses who genuinely fall for a guy within the first hour of meeting them, and although the chances of you even getting to kiss this guy are slim you still start to mentally plan your wedding and name your children. It's kind of shitty when this happens because you start to get angry with yourself, 'this is my perfect man, why am I not his perfect women?'..'why is not like the movies when they both realise they are perfect for each other and it only takes one look to know?'..'It's because I'm too fat, and I don't do my make up right, and I have shit fashion sense'.. Yes, these are genuine thoughts that have gone through my head. 

This is the moment when you have a choice - you can have a mental break down about the fact that the most perfect human being on the planet for you doesn't realise how perfect you could be together and so you need to bury yourself in shit rom-coms for at least a week - OR - you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get over it (and maybe one day he will realise and come back to you). Yeah yeah, it's alright me saying 'just get over it for god sake women', but we all know in reality that's not the easiest thing to do, so I have put together a few of my top tips! 

1. It sounds cliché, the old 'to get over him you need to get under someone else', but there is some truth in the matter. If your mind is on someone else you won't be thinking about them. If you're messaging someone else them you're not checking your phone for them to message. Makes sense huh?

2. Chocolate. Honestly it helps. Just eat until you feel sick! 

3. Remove all love songs from your iPod. Or just make a playlist and only allow yourself to listen to that playlist. The last thing you want is a cheesy love song coming on making you think about your imaginary love with the perfect man. 

4. Get addicted to something on Netflix. It takes up all your time so you can't possibly spend your time 'breaking down'. 

5. Finally, really just snap out of it, whenever you start feeling down, if you have already eaten a chocolate bar, watched an episode on netflix, made plans to meet up with your new fancy man, and you're still feeling down or upset, just remember everything happens for a reason, and there is a reason you're not together, it might not be evident now, but it will be soon!

Have you had to get over that 'guy that got away' recently? Did you do anything differently to what I have listed? 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Feb 2016: Before We Met

Heyyyy Everyone, 

Well it didn't take me long to read this one. What a fantastic book!  It's got a bit of a 'Gone Girl' feel to it. I would say it's a girly thriller; lots of twists, but not too scary to read before bed time! 

The basic line of the story is that Hannah's husband doesn't come home from a business trip, and the more she tries to investigate where he is and what the hell is going on, the more she finds herself questioning what parts of her life are true and what are lies. You will definitely make assumptions as to what is going, but you'll struggle to guess the storyline, which I love! I love having to really think and explore between the lines.  

I agree with a lot of the other reviews, that it was slow to get started, but that rather than putting me off that normally intrigues me even more. I want to read quickly so that I can get to the good bit. If the good bit hasn't come by the middle I am disappointed, but I'd say this book got interesting about a third of the way in. 

This would be a great book for a holiday, to read on the train to work, or even just before bed, it would be good for any occasion! So go and give it a read! 

Have you read it? What did you think? 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3