Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Valentine's Day

Heyyyy Everyone, 

Is everyone feeling super loved up, seeing everything through your heart shaped eyes and daydreaming about your perfect relationship and it's perfect future? Yeah that's right, Valentine's day is just round the corner, and it's that time of year when the world gets totally loved up! 

Why are you commenting on Valentine's Day you may ask, you're very much a single lady who has no one to spend Valentine's day with you are thinking. Well screw that! I was thinking last week about how I was going to do the usual this Valentine's Day, get ridiculously drunk and feel sorry for my single ass. Then I thought, NO! I am a strong women and I am not going to let this one stupid day get me down. So that got me thinking, who ever said that this 'LOVE' day has to be celebrated with your 'romantic' love? Because there are so many people in this world that I love to bits. This year I have decided I am going to celebrate my love for my friends, and my Valentine's day will be spent catching up with as many of my friends as possible. I am currently travelling with one of my best friends in the world, Charlotte, and we are going to celebrate our 'friendship' love for one another by going out for dinner and drinks! 

Who ever said love was just for your other half anyway?!  How are you going to be spending your Valentine's Day? Whatever you are doing I hope you have a fab time! 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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