Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Jan 2016: Blood On Snow

Heyyyy Everyone, 

Sorry I didn't review a book for December, as usual Christmas and New year parties got in the way of me getting my nose stuck into a good book, but no worries, book reviews are back! When I finished my review last time I didn't know what book I would be reviewing next as I didn't have one yet. I actually picked up 'Blood on Snow' by Jo Nesbo in my hostel in Sydney (I love when hostels have book exchanges!), I recognised the authors name, I think I may have read something by him before and I was also in the mood for a bit of a horror/detective book. 

Basically the general plot line of the book is that Olav is a hit man, but his life changes when he gets his next job, to kill his bosses wife! It was written well and a very easy read, I struggled to put it down. If you want something quick and easy, with a catchy storyline it is perfect. For me it wasn't quite long enough, there weren't many exciting twists because I guess there wasn't long enough in the story for a big change. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the book, just would of preferred it to be a bit longer with some story twists. 

Next month I am staying to the horror genre and have got another book from a 'book exchange' at my current hostel called 'Before We Met' by Lucie Whitehouse. 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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