Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Blog Birthday - Turning 2 Years Old!

Heyyyy Everyone, 

Oooo it's the end of the month and this isn't a book review. I am sorry if you came looking for my monthly book review, I promise you the usual schedule will be resumed but for now we have something very exciting to discuss...the fact that on Sunday it's our 2nd Birthday! Yaaaaaay 'Happy Birthday EmmaJessica Chatterbox!' So to celebrate I have put together a bit of a party!! 

The party will take place on Sunday with some family and friends and I am going to prepare everything so it has a homemade feel to it. So I thought, why not blog about it, I mean it is to celebrate this blog after all! So here's what to expect this week! 

Wednesday - Today's Blog 
Thursday - Decorations
Friday - Cocktails / Canapés
Saturday - The Outfit
Sunday - THE BIG BASH! 

I hope your excited because I certainly am! Keep an eye on my YouTube channel because I might just do a few cheeky videos as well! 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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