Sunday, 6 September 2015

Blog Birthday Party

Heyyyyy Everyone, 

So my plans for this fantastic party didn't quite go right, after being poorly and doing no preperation and then going to Alton Towers on Saturday when I should of been cooking / baking it was never going to be the fantastic bash I'd got in mind. I'm sorry but sometimes things just don't go to plan and why would I turn down a free trip to Alton Towers?
Nevertheless the party still went ahead and we all got rather tipsy celebrating my blog birthday! I thought I would share with you a few things I did to make feel a bit more special than just a general 'piss up'! 

Firstly I decided to put a twist on a big favourite with my friends, vodka jelly. I decided to make vodka jelly inside a watermelon! 

It's really simple to do as you can see from the images. As you can see from the final image my jelly was very wobbly and my intention to be able to bite into it like an actual watermelon didn't quite happen. I realised where I had gone wrong was I hadn't scraped out the inside of the watermelon enough, you need to get right down to the 'white' edges so that there is no moisture that the jelly can soak up. We ended up tucking in with a spoon but I will definitely be trying this again to perfect the watermelon feel! 

Don't get rid of the centre of the watermelon, that can be used for another drink shown below. Simply watermelon juice mixed with prosecco. 

There was mixed views on this drink. I initially liked just mixing the juice together with the prosecco, but some felt it wasn't sweet enough. So we tried boiling the watermelon juice and dissolving some sugar into it and then let it chill in the fridge. I wasn't so keen on this version but one of my friends was drinking it all night. You'll have to give it a go and see what you prefer!

I just did simple food because I wanted to be able to enjoy the party and not be cooking the whole time. So I just popped round to my local Waitrose and picked up some Pizza Express Pizza's, Tyrrells crisps and some humous to dip! It was yummy!!!  

And that was that, we drank watermelon prosecco's and ate our way through half a vodka jelly watermelon, danced, sang and got a bit merry! I really enjoyed having an excuse to throw a party and I might be finding more excuses to have my friends round and get drunk! I hope you enjoyed this blog and I am sorry again that it wasn't quite the Blog Party I had in mind. 

Have you had a party recently? 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3


  1. Great post. I really like what you did with the watermelon. I need to try it myself. Have a great day. xo, Teng

  2. Looks really good!! xoxo Vanessa