Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Travel on a Budget

Heyyyy Everyone,

As you will notice from my blog or if you follow me on twitter or Instagram you will know I have done a fair bit of travelling over the past 8 months. Your probably thinking I'm made of money being able to go on all these trips, but I can assure you that is not the case. In fact I have to be very careful with my money to make sure that I can continue to travel whenever I want to. I thought I would give you my top 5 tips on things that I do to make travelling cheaper!

1. Stay in a Hostel - I think this seems like an obvious one but to be honest sometimes hostels don't work out massively cheap. With all the hotel sites you can go on these days to get mega deals, sometimes when your splitting a hotel room with a friend that seems like the cheaper option. HOWEVER, even if your going to save £10/20 on the hotel think about what money you will spend whilst your there. One of the major money savers at hostels is the kitchen. Almost every hostel will have a kitchen where you can cook your evening meal, saving you massively on restaurants. A lot of hostels are also now offering you breakfast included in your price, which makes it even better. Free breakfast, treat yourself to lunch and have a cheap supermarket dinner.

2. If you do end up staying in a hotel use the room fridge - This one is not possible everywhere, sometimes there is no fridge or maybe the fridge is full of 'room service' and you can't get into it. But, if you are lucky enough to get a good fridge buy yourself a bottle of milk and some cereal for the week. I always travel with a knife, fork and spoon, and I normally use the hotel mugs to eat my cereals out of! If you want to go all out, you could also buy sandwich fillings and bread to make pack up lunches!

3. Travel during the night - Travelling during the night means you have one less night of accommodation to pay for. All forms of transport are near enough 24 hours, whether your getting a bus, train or plane, get it at night. You can then arrive at your hostel the next morning, they will happily store your luggage, and you have a full day wherever you are!

4. Walk everywhere - It might seem cheap hoping on the bus to get across town for a couple of dollars/euros/pounds, but that all adds up when your having to get the bus numerous times in one day. If you look on Google maps it will tell you how long it takes to walk to a place and I will only ever resort to public transport if the walk is over an hour. I am saving myself money but also getting to see where I am, sometimes I stumble across some fantastic things on my walks and I have also become an excellent map reader!

5. Stick to local specialities - Whether it be food and drink or local beer and spirits, no matter where you go the local specialities are always cheaper! I have managed to half my spending on a night out by drinking the local beer rather than expensive imported beers! You get to try some weird and wonderful things and save money in the process.
I hope these tips help and you will consider them on your next travels. If you have any good tips for me please comment below!
Ciao EmmaJessica <3 

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