Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sun Cream Review

Heyyyy Everyone,

As it's the time when everyone is booking their summer holidays I thought I would review some sunscreens for you. I have been travelling around America for 2 months and have hit heights of 50 degrees so I have got through a fair bit of sun cream and I’ve got some very mixed reviews.

My Fave! – Piz Buin is my ultimate favourite. The 'Ultra Light Sun Spray' was my chosen cream this time. It’s not the cheapest but it’s also by far not the most expensive, it costs £15.50 in boots at the moment.  I feel like it’s worth paying a little extra for some Piz Buin. It rubs in well, isn’t greasy, smells delicious and I’ve never burnt wearing it, what more could you want from a sun cream?

Good and cheap – Nivea 'protect and moisturise'. This sun cream is on the cheaper side and is normally on offer in boots or Superdrug so you can get a good deal. It's currently £6.50 from boots.  I’ve also had no problems with burning with is and if you get the spray bottle it is easy to apply.

Expensive – P20 is on the high end side, it is expensive. It's sold in Superdrug for £24.99. I managed to find it this year in TKMaxx and got it for a little bit cheaper, £17.99, but that was still expensive in my eyes. I know a lot of people that don’t like this sun screen because it is an oil and can dye clothes/towels during application. I never use this oil/sun cream unless I already have a slight tan already because it is not strong enough to stop me burning. However, once I have a slight tan I find it the best thing to use to get to a cracking colour!

Terrible – Nivea Invisible Protect. This was the worst sun screen I tried. It says ‘non-greasy’, LIES, it is so greasy! It also runs out soooo quickly because it’s not very spreadable so I ended up taking off the ‘spray’ and just pouring it into my hands. It didn’t feel like it covered me well enough for the sun so I ended up reapplying a different sun cream to be sure not to burn. My mum brought me this and I didn't realise how expensive it was, its on offer in Superdrug but is still £8.49 on offer!! All in all just a fail!

Have you used any sun creams I need to try? Or any I majorly need to avoid?

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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