Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A BIG Announcement

Heyyyy Everyone,
Today's blog is very exciting for me because I have an announcement. I have been blogging now for almost 2 years and I love it!! Whether 200 people read a post or only 10 I don't really mind because I know that I have enjoyed writing it. I have never pushed my blog to become big, I've put them on my twitter and Facebook every now and then, and often let my family know if I have written something new, but never really aimed to get the hundreds of follows some blogs have. However, recently I have come to a crossroads in my life where I need to start making some massive decisions. Everyone I have spoken to about my current situation and where I want to be in the next few years has said that the best job I could have is a job where I never have to work a day in my life. That really got me thinking and for me that job would be blogging/internet life. I really considered how this would work and where I could start and I realised what I really want to do is take my blog to the next level. So that's when I decided I should go for it and ....... Start a YouTube Channel!!!!!!!!
If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you will notice I have filmed my first video and I am working on getting my channel up to my high standards in the hope to launch it on Sunday. My intention is then to publish a video every Sunday! Just writing this has put the biggest smile on my face, I'm SOOOO excited!
I've wanted to make a YouTube channel since I started my blog, but there is a lot more to learn than I realised and it has taken me this long to feel that I am at a reasonable enough standard to actually put something on the internet! There's so much work that has to go into this channel and I'm learning a lot but I'm still not 100% and I hope you can bare with me whilst I still learn, I just couldn't wait any longer!  If you are here for the blog and have no interest in videos, do not worry, I will continue to write and keep my blog running because it's my baby and I've worked a lot on this over the last few years, there's no way I'm dropping it! However, if you are a fan of YouTube and fancy watching my videos, maybe even subscribing to me, then follow me on Twitter and I will be tweeting my first video on Sunday. You could also go straight to my YouTube Channel and Subscribe now so you definitely don't miss the new video, however please ignore my Channel URL, I'm having problems sorting that at the moment, if there are any 'YouTube URL' experts that want to help me out that would be very much appreciated.  
I'm not going to be able to sleep until Sunday now! Do you have a YouTube channel or blog? Comment below so I can check it out!
Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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