Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Vintage Fashion: Cow Haul

Heyyyy Everyone, 

Ever thought you were born in the wrong era? I always do! My friend showed me an amazing vintage shop in Nottingham called Cow. They also have stores in Birmingham, Manchester & Sheffield. We spent an hour and a half looking round and I ended up trying on at least 20 items, but I had to think about my poor bank account and limited myself to just my 3 favourites! A suave polka dot midi skirt, a super cute floral autumn dress, and my absolute fave, the prettiest brogues ever! I wore all these items to a 2 day exhibition that I worked at last week in London so please excuse the terrible backgrounds of the photos, they were taken in the hotel room before I rushed off to work.  

I teamed this little outfit with my M&S coat that I actually brought in spring but I think I'll wear loads this autumn. 

Are they not just the cutest brogues you've ever seen! I'm in love! 

I'll be back doing a lot more shopping in Cow from now on! Do you like vintage shopping? Can you recommend any other vintage shops for me to look in? 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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  1. Cute.. We also have a website! WWW.WEARECOW.COM!