Wednesday, 22 October 2014

One Chance at Love

Heyyyy Everyone, 

I'm sorry the blog is being posted so late tonight, it's still hump day but it is very close to midnight ha. I wrote this blog the other day and when it came to publishing it earlier I hesitated. I guess it's because it's a hard subject isn't it, love. And I was scared at what some peoples responses may be.. but agh what the heck! 'Haters gonna hate' as they say, I like to chatter so screw it, I'mma chatter about love and not give a damn HA anyway, back to the blog...

Have you ever thought about how many chances you get at love? At finding that one person that will mean the world to you? It's a strange thing to think about I guess but it crossed my mind the other day when something reminded me of, what I would consider as, my first love. It was a small thing that triggered a fond memory and got me thinking, 'was that my true love', 'was that my chance at love'... then I started to panic slightly, 'was that my one chance and I messed it up?'

Everyone says there is one person out there that is your soul mate, and when you find them you will know it is true love. What they don't specify though is whether you can meet that person, mess up and then have missed your chance at a happily ever after. 

It's quite a depressing thing to think about but it crossed my mind and I wanted to share it and get your thoughts. Comment telling me how many chances you think we get at love? Surely we get dealt a few cards just incase we mess up first time round?

I realise this quote has nothing to do with having one chance at love, but it put a smile on my face after such a depressing post! 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3


  1. I saw a quote on Pinterest the other day that said "What's meant to be will always find a way". When things fall apart, normally someone better appears in your life some point after and makes you realise that you were wrong about that other person anyway! If someone doesn't, you've just got to live in hope that somehow that one person will come back into your life again and if not, someone else is right around the corner :)

    You should watch the film 'Timer'. Would make life much easier if it were real haha!

    1. That's so nice Bethan! Thanks for the reassurance, I will watch that film for sure :) Thanks for putting a smile on my face :)