Sunday, 10 August 2014

An English Girl In Hong Kong

Heyyyy Everyone, 

So if you follow me on twitter or instagram you will know I have just been to Hong Kong. My mum works in Hong Kong a lot, so I tagged along for the journey and did a mixture of relaxing and sightseeing. I thought I would fill you in on a few of my pros and cons of Hong Kong...

Pros +

The food! Oh My Gosh the food.. don't think about your local Chinese take away, no no no, however much you might think its the best take away, the food in Hong Kong is 10000% times better! I could not stop eating, and like travelling anywhere in the world, I always say you have to try everything, which I did and well there was a lot to try! I genuinely daren't get on the scales, because I'm sure they will scream at me 'jesus what have you been eating for the past few weeks elephant!!'

The Islands - A lot of people think of Hong Kong as a built up city (which parts of it are), and expect to be able to see the whole of Hong Kong in just a few days. But that is because they don't explore the islands. The islands are absolutely beautiful. They have beaches, scenery, more good food, places to see/visit, and more. You could easily spend a 2 week holiday just travelling the islands of Hong Kong! 

Cons - 

The Weather! Pick the time you visit wisely.. I probably chose the hottest time and by golly it was hot. It's the strangest thing because the buildings are soooo air conditioned that when you walk outside its like walking into an oven, so you actually have to pack a jacket in your bag for inside (it's a strange thing to get your head around).. I kind of just got used to the heat and constantly sweating but it is difficult and the heat can make me very lazy and irritable, which nobody wants during a holiday! 

The other tourists- I am used to being a tourist and sticking out like a sore thumb with my camera round my neck, my backpack and trainers on and a map in hand... but in Hong Kong I stuck out even more. It seems most of the other tourist were from China Mainland and there are hardly any 'white' people (I apologise if I offend anyone, I just don't know a better way to put it).. so you can imagine me on my own, yeah I kinda stood out from the crowd! And what made it worst for me is people wanting to have there picture taken with me.. I am not celebrity, nor am I a rare species, so why do you want your picture taken with me? I'm just trying to enjoy the view please leave me be.. sorry went off on a rant, but it made me feel sorry for celebrities because I could not handle that 24/7! 

Anyway, I only wrote a few things here because if I allowed myself to write all my thoughts on Hong Kong I would be here all day! Let me know in the comments if you want me to write more, maybe some tips of travelling there? 

I thought I would leave you with the video I made of my trip (please don't judge, I am not a professional YouTuber so my videoing and editing skills are not amazing, but I hope you enjoy it), you can watch the video with the link HERE

Where have you been on holiday recently? What did you think? 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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  1. I loved your video! watching the food parts literally made me dribble.. also made me miss home!!