Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hair Removal

Heyyyy Everyone, 

Today I wanted to discuss hair removal because it is something very important to me and a topic I feel very strongly about. 

I think it's a huge topic that isn't really discussed with young girls, it's not until you've already experimented with razors and creams that your mum or friends say 'babes, you really shouldn't of done it like that'. I myself was VERY lucky because I used to go to the beauticians with my mum for little treats when I was about 14 and she convinced me to get my legs waxed, and I have ever since. On the very odd occasion if I'm in a sticky situation I will use hair removal cream, but I will NEVER go near my legs with a razor, EVER! Waxing for so many years has left my leg hairs in a great situation, they are fair, blonde, soft and very minimal, so even when they are probably too hairy to wear a skirt, I still can!  

I have also recently discovered 'Electrolysis'. I have been having electrolysis on my Bikini area for about 2 years now and it is AMAZING! It is basically a very fine needle, as fine as a hair, that is inserted into the hair root and burns the hair out. It is not immediate, the hair becomes finer and 'much less of it', until eventually it doesn't come back. I genuinely always feel so much happier when I have had an electrolysis appointment, even though people can't see what I've had done, I know it's there and it makes me feel a lot more confident. I really want to get it done under my arms! 

My main advice would be DON'T shave, there are so many things out there that are better than shaving. Razors make your hair come back quickly, darker, thicker and prickly, who wants that?! But also do your research, do not just try anything! It is really important that if you are going to have any form of hair removal it is done by a professional. Unfortunately these days anybody can get some training and a certificate, but the results of that could be 'money down the drain' when it doesn't work or even worst scarring. 

Whats your preferred choice of hair removal? 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Busy Schedule Tips

Heyyyy Everyone, 

I've been meaning to write this blog for a while, hence my quote for this blog... 

Your probably thinking 'where the hell have you been hiding'.. I'M SORRY!!! I know I haven't blogged for a few weeks now (maybe more ha) but its because I have just been super busy! I was finishing university, moving back home, revising for an exam and then literally the day after my exam I started a new job. I now have a job at a cafe, I'm nannying a few days a week for a close family friend and also have a 2 day a week internship for an events company. Basically I am working 12 hour days 7 days a week and the only time I could sit down with my laptop I fall asleep!! 

Well I am babysitting for my little sister tonight and as I have put her to bed and feel like I have a spare 5 minutes of energy in me before I need to take myself to bed I thought I would pass on my advice of how I have dealt with this busy period! 

1. Do NOT replace sleep for caffeine! At first you will get a buzz but eventually you will start to feel very sick and dizzy and can also develop a caffeine addiction which is not healthy! Instead sleep whenever you can, don't think 'damn I'm only going to get 5 hours sleep tonight', think 'I can have 5 hours sleep tonight and then 3 small power naps throughout the day', use your time wisely, 10 minutes sat on your phone at lunch could of been a cheeky nap! 

2. Try not to plan too far ahead, I know sometimes it can't be helped but I have tried to take every day as it comes rather than planning 2 weeks in advance because if you plan ahead and see how busy your going to be you'll be tired just thinking about it!! 

3. Always carry around a bottle of water- when your super busy and constantly on the move it can be easy to forget to have a drink, and that is just going to make you ill and dehydrated. If you have a bottle of water in your bag whenever you see it you will be reminded to take a big swig

4. Become best friends with Dry Shampoo- it has been my life saver the last few weeks! Washing hair is a major chore and is very time consuming, that time could be used so much more wisely (like napping) so just give your hair a 'pretend' wash with dry shampoo, it will make your hair feel fresher for longer

5. Try not to complain- I know its so difficult, you want to tell the world about your busy, tiring schedule, but remember why you are so busy, it is something that you are going to benefit from (if its not then stop and find something more important to be busy with!). Stick with it because the outcomes will be worth it and remember there is a quieter period waiting for you around the corner! 

Hope this helps! Are you busy doing anything at the moment? 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3