Sunday, 13 April 2014

Edinburgh Trip

Heyyyy Everyone, 

A few weeks ago I went to visit one my best friends, Naomi, in Edinburgh. Our friendship started when we met in an airport about to board a flight to Fiji to do volunteer work, and we hit it off straight away! You know when you meet one of them life long friends.. she is one of them and I am very lucky to have her in my life.

Okay soppy s**t over, I thought I would share a couple of photos from the weekend! 

Whilst I was there it was Naomi's mums birthday and she was kind enough to let me join in the celebrations. I love this picture of me and Naomi before we went out for dinner :-)

Me and Naomi on the left, and me and Naomi's Boyfriend on the right. It was lovely to meet him and make sure he was good enough for my friend (he defo is by the way, he's a good'en). 

The day after the celebrations (which involved consuming a lot of alcohol) I dragged Naomi up Arthurs Seat because I really wanted to see the views. I didn't realise it wasn't the best thing to do on a hangover... but needless to say we made it and got some great pics. The picture below is me at the bottom, the tip on the left hand side mountain is where we climbed!! 

Nearly there!! 

Look how steep the last bit was!! 

But that view is so worth it :-)

There seemed to be some photoshoot going on with a guy a kilt and Naomi was very cheeky taking lots of photos of him (tehe)

I love this cheeky picture of N! Here she is hugging the highest point of the mountain ha 

We of rewarded ourselves afterwards to some delicious cupcake. Banana and Toffee on the left and Chocolate fudge on the right, we shared them so we got a little taste of both, they were genuinely scrumptious!

That's just a few photos from the weekend. We did loads more fun things like went to the Castle, went on a very scary Ghost walk and obviously did lots of catching up! I wish I could visit her every weekend :-) 

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few pictures from my trip. Have you ever been to Edinburgh? 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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