Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014

Heyyyy Everyone, 

So it's that time of the year when we all make promises that the next year will be the best one yet. We make New Years Resolutions that last 1 week. Well I thought if I write them down in a blog this year it might encourage me to keep them (fingers crossed). I hope you can help me. If you know me and see me break them or see me post something on twitter that suggests I'm breaking any resolution make sure you tell me off!! So here goes.. 5 changes for 2014..

1. Sober January - At first I was going to give up alcohol but we can all pretend we are going to do that, it would never happen!! I think a month is more realistic. It will give my liver a well earned break and also leads nicely into the next resolution...

2. Lose the Christmas Weight - Diet, exercise, anything possible to get rid of that extra weight I have pilled on during the festive period!! I invested in the book of the 5:2 or fasting diet (whatever you want to call it) just before christmas and I am going to give it a go! I'd like to be my ideal weight by my birthday in April (I'm not going to reveal that ideal weight as its personal, but if you see me posting too many pictures of food on instagram please remind me of this resolution!) 

3. Blog more - I am really enjoying blogging and have some fab ideas for posts in the new year. I am having a little make over on my blog in the first few weeks in the new year and I intend to keep up with blogging throughout the year! 

4. Go to Dubai - Can that be a New Years Resolution? Well screw it, its going to be one of mine! My obsession with Dubai came after watching a group of British YouTubers fly out there to film for DailyMix's birthday. The place looks AMAZING! Its the next spot on my list! I think 2014 is the perfect time to tick it off 

5. Make a plan - Ok, ok, so I know thats really vague, but I'm in limbo at the moment between plans. I graduate in 2014 and my life can go in two directions, I could make a resolution to get a job or to go travelling, but I'm not ready to make that decision yet. So my resolution is to make a plan for the next 3 years by graduation. I now vow that in May I will write a blog post which states my 3 year plan. So i have from now until May to start making some big decisions.  

What are your New Years Resolutions? 


Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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