Monday, 16 December 2013

Growing Up

Heyyyy Everyone!

I have something to share with you. Please bare with me because I can barely read what I'm typing due to the waterfall currently falling from my eyes. I'm very upset about what I have to say, it pains me to admit it and if I'm honest I'm almost considering not writing this blog! I feel like once I've written it down it will be set in stone and there will be no going back, waahhh! But no, this has to be done, it was going to come around sooner or later! 

Guys, it is official, I am no longer a care free, fun loving student. In fact I seem to be 21 going on 40! As well as being pretty boring this semester in terms of nights out, there have been two occasions this week that have confirmed my new status of middle aged women. 
1. Firstly, I went to do my weekly shop (as you do when your mature and organised, oh GOD!) and I found myself strolling around the supermarket enjoy this trip out far too much. I decided to get my hands on these little beauties (below), aren't they cute! BUT WHY EMMA?? Oh just because they look cute and I couldn't resist. Why am I spending £2 (granted it isn't a lot but I'm still a poor student) on tea light candles that I don't even want to burn because they are too pretty, that £2 could of been 2 shots or a Jagerbomb on my next night out.. clearly I am no longer thinking like a real student. 

2. After a hard day at work today (9-5, not how I remember years 1 & 2 of uni) I got home, cooked myself some dinner ad settled down for SOAP NIGHT YAAY (monday night is soap night, as I type this I find more middle age traits). First show on soap night is of course Hollyoaks 6.30pm start. Picture me - Comfy on the sofa, snuggled into a cushion, in my 'comfy' clothes, with a hot cup of tea. All set for the monday routine which is Hollyoaks, Hollyoaks (again on e4), Corrie, Eastenders, Corrie, a free hour for a shower and to make another cup of tea (probably with a side of naughty biscuits) in time for Made in Chelsea. It has to be said, Monday is potentially my fave night of the week. Let me reiterate the 6.30pm start of soap night because here is the shocker, within 5 minutes I was fast asleep. I mean really, I am literally turning into my Mother! Thank god I woke up just in time for Made in Chelsea and to write this rather sad blog

I genuinely get excited about what is happening in the soaps. I can't wait to have a tasty green tea before bed. 8am is a normal alarm clock setting time these days (what happened to staying in bed until midday). I have added time into my daily routine to apply anti-wrinkle cream. I enjoy knitting, no not just enjoy I would actually class it as a hobby of mine. I didn't buy a dress the other day because it was 'too short' since when have them two words been found together in a female students vocabulary? Really, what I'm trying to say is, What the hell has happened to me? I need to reverse this and quick before I start acting 50 before I'm even 30. HELP?!?! 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

Monday, 9 December 2013


Heyyyy Everyone, 

Random short blog here but I felt this topic was a very important topic for the festive period (and to my weekend). Indeed we will want to enjoy a few (probably too many) mulled wines but it is important we feel refreshed the next day. The christmas period is not long enough for a day in bed feeling sorry for yourself. I for sure have far too much family to visit to have a day off due to a hangover! I need some kind of amazing hangover cure that will mean I can indulge in as much festive alcohol as possible but also be bright and smiley the next day, someone invent one please? I know the typical hangover cures.. have a pint of water before you go to bed- But I'm normally so tired I'm asleep before I've even thought about water.. eat greasy hangover food- But I can't stomach food after a heavy night out.. sleep it off- is it just me that wakes up ridiculously early after a night out, why is this?? 

Basically I am struggling for hangover cures and I need your advice. Please leave me a comment with your cures to save me from wasting the festive period in bed (or worst hugging a toilet). 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

Sunday, 1 December 2013

1D Day

Heyyyy Everyone, 

Ok ok, don't all shout at once! I know 1D day has been and gone, I'm well behind the times but I still want to talk about the awesomeness!!! 

I have to make a huge confession, brace yourself, like seriously are you ready for this.. I didn't actually watch the 1D day live stream on 1D day. I know "you call yourself a top fan" I hear you say. Well this picture proves how much of a fan I am - Yes thats me in a signed 1D top which I wear so often it may as well be sewn to me (be jealous mwhahaha)

So back to my lame excuse for why I didn't watch the live stream live, and trust me it is such a lame excuse but I do not like liars so I will not liar, I will tell you the awful truth... I was hungover! I'm a student give me a break! It was a rather big night the night before and when I finally managed to drag myself from my pit, well past midday, I chose to spend my hours cuddling a bottle of water and watching Greys Anatomy, which by the way was the worst decision ever! If Greys doesn't make me cry enough already, with a sleep deprived hangover my decision to watch a few episodes resulted in me 'ridiculously' sobbing for about 3 hours and then spending a good hour imagining what life would be like if anything that had happened in the episodes happened to me and crying even more. But hey, I do love a good cry every now and then, I think I cried enough to get it out of my system for, oooh at least a week. 

Anyway, get back to topic Emma! I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to the genius who put the whole 7 hour live stream onto YouTube. When I recovered from my hangover I was so devastated I had missed the show I would of even shred a tear if it weren't for the fact my eyes were dry from my previous 4 hour stint! Then when I found it on YouTube I cheered so loudly my flatmates thought I'd won the lottery (see I am a true fan). Being a busy student with far too many hand in dates quickly approaching I had to justify watching this 7 hour show. So I decided to watch about an hour and a half each night once I got into bed, my justification being that I wouldn't be getting work done then anyway! 

What did you guys think to the show? I must admit (warning: I'm going to moan) I kept getting a bit irritated by all the technical failures. I mean I know it was live and it's the first time they have done it but I feel like there was no contingency plans for these moments, there was clearly not enough planning and there had definitely been no practice. I'm sorry, my Events Management head came on for a minute then. 
Despite the technical fails, I loved spending so much time with the boys! I felt like it gave me a chance to get to know them better (psycho fan coming out). My best presenter award has to go to Liam, I think he handled the technical faults very well, although Louis wasn't bad either. My FAVE bit was the 'talk dirty to me' VT, which, if you haven't seen, consisted of the boys basically being boys, having a laugh and making their own video to Jason Derulo's Talk dirty to me. It was HILARIOUS!! Link I also loved when Liam got his dream come true becoming a wrestler and was successful in the ring!

Leave me your comments below to let me know what you thought of the show and your fave bits! I'm off now to watch 'This is us' because I just cannot get enough of them boys! 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3