Monday, 14 October 2013

Assignment Essentials

Heyyyy  Everyone!

My Quote for the week is:

A motivational quote to help you with your assignment! 

Wow, no one prepared me for final year of university! So much reading and work to do for my assignments. I've had to find the best things to get me through! I guess these things can work for anyone that has to work hard towards a deadline or revise or maybe even to get through a tough shift at work (it's not just for university students). Try my top 5 tips to get you through: 

1. Tea! A cuppa! A brew! However you name it, it's a life saver! If you don't drink tea then start! It's the perfect way to take a break from whatever your doing whilst you go and brew up and then drinking it just fills you with warmth and loveliness, yum! (Might have to go get the kettle on) 

2. Grapes! Trying to be slightly healthy and reaching for fruit instead of chocolate, but once you start you CANNOT stop! This week I brought a huge bag of grapes and munched them up in less than 2 days, oops! 

3. *warning- typical 'mum' comment coming* Do not reach for the red bull and do all nighters, I know I know, I sound like your mother moaning at you, but it's sooo important to get sleep, your mind will just turn to mush if you cram everything into one night. So instead of reaching for caffeine filled beverages just go to bed, get a good night sleep and tackle it again tomorrow with a fresh head!  

4.   Reward Yourself! It's so easy to get distracted by iPlayer or Facebook but try using these distractions as rewards. I often say to myself 1 hour of work is equal to half an hour of iPlayer, most the programs I watch are 1 hour long so I work for 2 hours and then reward myself with an episode!

5. Discuss the work with family and friends - it's really easy to spend hours starring at something and forgetting what your actually trying to get at. I find that if I discuss my work with parents it refreshes the task in my head and they often give me their ideas to help me out. 

Do you guys have any assignment essentials I can try out? I hope these help you with whatever it is you need to do! I hope your enjoying my blogs, if you have any ideas of blogs you would like me to do please tweet me at @EmmaJessica27

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

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