Friday, 18 October 2013

50 facts about me

Heyyyy Everyone! 

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I always see these blogs done by YouTubers as videos and think they look like great fun so I've decided to do a blog version of my own. 50 facts you may or may not know about me, from the boring basics to the weird and wonderful... Enjoy! 

10 boring basics 
1. I was born in Nottingham 
2. I moved to a small city called Lichfield when I was 12 (a big move for me at the time!)
3. I have a huge family- like bigger than you can imagine (Christmas lasts weeks with visiting them all)
4. I'm studying Event Management at university and I love it 
5. I lived in Brussels, Belgium, for a year during my placement year (one of the best times of my life)
6. I'm short - about 5'4 I think 
7. My hair is ridiculously straight! 
8. I don't really have a fave food, I sort of just love food in general (fatty) 
9. My fave colour is green (although I'm a very colourful person so I like most colours!)
10. I'm short, I think average girl height but everyone says I'm small! 

10 of my loves/interests
11. I love baths (relaxing and watching YouTube videos in the bath is my fave)
12. I'm really creative (I love being crafty!)
13. I love festivals! Care free and seeing live music (Glastonbury is my fave) 
14. I love travelling - I've been to HongKong, Thailand, Fiji, & travelled about Europe ( far!)
15. I love sleep- I sometimes wonder if I have a sleeping problem, I could easily sleep for 24hrs
16. My friends sometimes tell me I'm a shopaholic (I can sort of see it)
17. Movies! I can spend all day watching movies! 
18. Similar to 17. The cinema, the whole experience along with a movie, perfection
19. I love getting massages (I'm sure most people do) I could lie there for hours 
20. I love driving, turning my music up loud and cruising! 

10 weird things 
21. I have screws in both of my big toes! 
22. Other people's hair literally almost makes me vom (not when it's attached, when its on the floor or in the bathroom or anywhere, eurrghhh!) 
23. I'm a cry baby, I cry at everything, sad, happy, inspirational, the lot! 
24. One of my worst hates is smelly feet!!
25. The first thing I look at when I meet people is their teeth, I've got a thing about teeth
26. I have a secret obsession with jelly fish (they are fascinating), I'd like to have pet jelly fish when I'm older!
27. I fear being lonely, if I'm alone for too long I get super emotional 
28. I like watching programmes that scare me, even though I know I will then not sleep all night! Stupid huhh!
29. I have to roll over at least 3 times before I can fall asleep, I have to make sure I'm comfy (I've no idea how people just get in bed and sleep straight away!)
30. I really struggle to wear tights because they itch my legs awfully, I have to buy expensive tights and even then I get uncomfortable early evening, it's so annoying!

10 of my biggest faves
31. Levi jeans
32. All soap and glory products
33. Fairy lights (so pretty) 
35. Reading a good book 
36. Candles, plenty of candles 
37. Jelly Fish (again but I love them)
38. TV - Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I'm an addict!
39. Absolute Flavoured vodka (I actually collect it and have 16 full bottles in my bedroom!)
40. Old school sleepovers (with face masks, gossiping and midnight feasts!)

10 things I don't know how to categorise
41. I am so indecisive, I can't even decide what I want for dinner most days
42. I don't think I'm very good at styling myself (I normally get advise from my mum and my friends)
43. I'm an Apple product chick, will never buy an alternative!
44. I believe I have been in love once and I cherish that I got to experience that :) 
45. In contrast to my shopping addict I'm actually very good at saving money 
46. I collect Starbucks mugs (the ones with the city name on, I try to get them wherever I go, try!)
47. One of my morals of life is 'everything happens for a reason'
48. I'm lucky enough to have friends all over the country 
49. Do not approach me in the mornings, I'm soooo not a morning person!
50. I'm so excited to start my own family

I hope you enjoyed finding some more things out about me. Tell me some fun facts about yourself in the comment! 

Ciao Emma Jessica <3

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