Friday, 6 September 2013

Welcome to the world of blogging

Heyyyy Everyone! 

My quote for the week is:

Sometimes I feel like I live in a world of secrets and hidden things. You have to continuously dig deeper until you find the things you really want in your life. Take a job for instance, there are so many possible careers out there that people don't even know about until they stumble across them. Or interests and hobbies, there are hundreds and thousands of things people are passionate about and unless you come across it in your life you may never know about it. I've started to think that maybe I should look deeper into my life and see what I can unveil. I know that in the process I will take wrong turns and maybe have to start digging a new tunnel but I will learn from everything I come across on my journey. This has been my first step- to start a blog. I spend at least half an hour a day reading blogs or watching vlogs and its a world I would love to see myself in. My mum recently remarried and I decided to vlog the event. I enjoyed the filming and editing so much that it inspired me to take a video camera traveling and try to vlog some of that as well. It's an interest I want to explore more. 

You can find my first vlog at Please subscribe to EmmaJessica for more 

   So what would my blog and vlog be about? I sat long and hard and realised I just love to share things, whether it be the absolutely amazing new lipstick that I just brought that everyone must go out and buy, the best book I just read which will have you in tears, or my recent holiday destination which I would recommend for any sun worshipper. I don't want to tie my blog/vlog down to just beauty or just travel because I want to be able to share everything with the people that want to hear it. My mum has always told me how important it is to share knowledge, she would insist I always pass it on to another person to spread the word. She would tell me I must go out and buy the product her friend has recommended her because it's amazing; and when I would find it equally as amazing I would spread the word to my friends in the hopes that if they enjoyed it they would also spread the message onto their family and other friends. Spreading the knowledge. Sharing the secrets. So, it is decided, my blog/vlog will be somewhere you can find interesting things that I hope you can share with your friends. 

So there you have it. What do you think to my first blog? Please leave comments to tell me if you'll find my blog interesting or with ideas of what I can blog about. 

Thank you for reading, I'm so excited to enter the world of blogging. Look out for my next blog next friday. 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3 

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