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Short but sweet - Money saving at University

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As I mentioned in my previous post I have just moved back to Sheffield for my final year of university. So with freshers week parties and welcome back uni inductions I have kept this post short. I have a list of wonderful things that I plan on blogging about in the upcoming weeks so don't forget to check it out every Friday. 

So as my last few weeks have been university related I wanted to do a university blog. It is obviously too late to remind people what to take or give freshers week advice, as they have passed, so I though I would do a blog about the financial part of university and how to save money. As most people don't work during university they rely on their student loan to get them through, and sometimes that isn't quite enough. That doesn't mean we have to turn to living off pot noodles and never going out, we just need to be careful with our money. So here are 5 of my top tips;

1. Make big meals and freeze portions. Although at first the shop may feel a little costly you have to remember you will be able to eat 4/5 meals out of it. Good foods to do this with are curry, chilli, bolognese and lasagna. 

2. Wherever you go check if they have student discount. Not everywhere will advertise it but will knock 10% off the bill when asked! 

3. Stop yourself from spending more than you'd planned on nights out by leaving your card at home. If your like me you want to have your card on you just incase of emergencies but then after a few drinks you end up getting money out to fund more drinks, oops! I have started hiding £10 in a pocket in my bag which I can save for emergencies or my taxi home. I then limit myself to spending the money I have in my purse and leaving my card at home. 

4. Have a look around different banks and see what they are offering you if you take out a student account with them. I received a free railcard from Natwest which saved me loads of money. I've also seen some banks offer NUS extra cards which usually cost £12 for 12 months. The card gives you extra student discounts in shops and restaurants. 

5. Do not buy books! They are very expensive and it is an unnecessary expense. Universities have the best kitted out libraries and more and more books are becoming available online as e-books. There is no need for a hard copy that you will never look at again after your degree. 

I hope these have helped, tell me in the comments below if your planning on trying out any of my tips and what your money saving tips are? Look out for another University blog next week. 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3 

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