Thursday, 12 September 2013


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My quote for the week is: 

For my birthday one of my best friends brought me a travel scrapbook so that I could create a book of memories from my trip around Europe this summer. I am a very crafty person so it was a great present for me. Scrapbooks are a way of putting all tickets, leaflets and pictures together to create a memory book, and, best of all, it is fun! 

I have 6 main tips for creating scrapbooks:

1. Collect everything! Keep hold of all tickets, leaflets, anything that you can stick in. I kept maps from each place and used them as backgrounds. Everywhere I went I looked out for anything that had a word or picture that I could use to stick around my pictures. 

2. FREE stuff! Keep magazines (or even birthday cards) to cut out pictures or letters to use for decoration for the book. I have a magazine subscription and always keep hold of old mags so I can use them for crafty projects. 

3. Lay everything out before you stick it down. It seems an obvious tip but I wanted to reinforce it because its so important. Once its stuck down you can't change it, it has to be perfect first time around.

4. Don't get messy- Whenever you can, use double sided tape. This is so much cleaner than glue, and I even think it is stronger. 

5. More FREE stuff! Printables! You can download some beautiful prints and use them for backgrounds or to cut shapes out of (remember printables can be used for all sorts of other things, not just scrapbooks), all you have to do for these is search the internet. I first found out about printables on one of my favourite blogs Trends with benefits. They have a great blog which shows their  favourite printable sites that you can find here

6. Even more FREE stuff! When getting your photos printed the cheapest place is online, going into photo shops can often get quite expensive. Most photo printing websites have an joining offer which will give you 40 free prints. So just sign up and get your photos sent to you. Two websites I have previously used at Photobox and Printerpix 

Thank you for reading. Have you ever created scrapbooks? Comment below and give me some of your tips. Look out for my next blog next friday. 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3 

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