Monday, 16 December 2013

Growing Up

Heyyyy Everyone!

I have something to share with you. Please bare with me because I can barely read what I'm typing due to the waterfall currently falling from my eyes. I'm very upset about what I have to say, it pains me to admit it and if I'm honest I'm almost considering not writing this blog! I feel like once I've written it down it will be set in stone and there will be no going back, waahhh! But no, this has to be done, it was going to come around sooner or later! 

Guys, it is official, I am no longer a care free, fun loving student. In fact I seem to be 21 going on 40! As well as being pretty boring this semester in terms of nights out, there have been two occasions this week that have confirmed my new status of middle aged women. 
1. Firstly, I went to do my weekly shop (as you do when your mature and organised, oh GOD!) and I found myself strolling around the supermarket enjoy this trip out far too much. I decided to get my hands on these little beauties (below), aren't they cute! BUT WHY EMMA?? Oh just because they look cute and I couldn't resist. Why am I spending £2 (granted it isn't a lot but I'm still a poor student) on tea light candles that I don't even want to burn because they are too pretty, that £2 could of been 2 shots or a Jagerbomb on my next night out.. clearly I am no longer thinking like a real student. 

2. After a hard day at work today (9-5, not how I remember years 1 & 2 of uni) I got home, cooked myself some dinner ad settled down for SOAP NIGHT YAAY (monday night is soap night, as I type this I find more middle age traits). First show on soap night is of course Hollyoaks 6.30pm start. Picture me - Comfy on the sofa, snuggled into a cushion, in my 'comfy' clothes, with a hot cup of tea. All set for the monday routine which is Hollyoaks, Hollyoaks (again on e4), Corrie, Eastenders, Corrie, a free hour for a shower and to make another cup of tea (probably with a side of naughty biscuits) in time for Made in Chelsea. It has to be said, Monday is potentially my fave night of the week. Let me reiterate the 6.30pm start of soap night because here is the shocker, within 5 minutes I was fast asleep. I mean really, I am literally turning into my Mother! Thank god I woke up just in time for Made in Chelsea and to write this rather sad blog

I genuinely get excited about what is happening in the soaps. I can't wait to have a tasty green tea before bed. 8am is a normal alarm clock setting time these days (what happened to staying in bed until midday). I have added time into my daily routine to apply anti-wrinkle cream. I enjoy knitting, no not just enjoy I would actually class it as a hobby of mine. I didn't buy a dress the other day because it was 'too short' since when have them two words been found together in a female students vocabulary? Really, what I'm trying to say is, What the hell has happened to me? I need to reverse this and quick before I start acting 50 before I'm even 30. HELP?!?! 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

Monday, 9 December 2013


Heyyyy Everyone, 

Random short blog here but I felt this topic was a very important topic for the festive period (and to my weekend). Indeed we will want to enjoy a few (probably too many) mulled wines but it is important we feel refreshed the next day. The christmas period is not long enough for a day in bed feeling sorry for yourself. I for sure have far too much family to visit to have a day off due to a hangover! I need some kind of amazing hangover cure that will mean I can indulge in as much festive alcohol as possible but also be bright and smiley the next day, someone invent one please? I know the typical hangover cures.. have a pint of water before you go to bed- But I'm normally so tired I'm asleep before I've even thought about water.. eat greasy hangover food- But I can't stomach food after a heavy night out.. sleep it off- is it just me that wakes up ridiculously early after a night out, why is this?? 

Basically I am struggling for hangover cures and I need your advice. Please leave me a comment with your cures to save me from wasting the festive period in bed (or worst hugging a toilet). 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

Sunday, 1 December 2013

1D Day

Heyyyy Everyone, 

Ok ok, don't all shout at once! I know 1D day has been and gone, I'm well behind the times but I still want to talk about the awesomeness!!! 

I have to make a huge confession, brace yourself, like seriously are you ready for this.. I didn't actually watch the 1D day live stream on 1D day. I know "you call yourself a top fan" I hear you say. Well this picture proves how much of a fan I am - Yes thats me in a signed 1D top which I wear so often it may as well be sewn to me (be jealous mwhahaha)

So back to my lame excuse for why I didn't watch the live stream live, and trust me it is such a lame excuse but I do not like liars so I will not liar, I will tell you the awful truth... I was hungover! I'm a student give me a break! It was a rather big night the night before and when I finally managed to drag myself from my pit, well past midday, I chose to spend my hours cuddling a bottle of water and watching Greys Anatomy, which by the way was the worst decision ever! If Greys doesn't make me cry enough already, with a sleep deprived hangover my decision to watch a few episodes resulted in me 'ridiculously' sobbing for about 3 hours and then spending a good hour imagining what life would be like if anything that had happened in the episodes happened to me and crying even more. But hey, I do love a good cry every now and then, I think I cried enough to get it out of my system for, oooh at least a week. 

Anyway, get back to topic Emma! I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to the genius who put the whole 7 hour live stream onto YouTube. When I recovered from my hangover I was so devastated I had missed the show I would of even shred a tear if it weren't for the fact my eyes were dry from my previous 4 hour stint! Then when I found it on YouTube I cheered so loudly my flatmates thought I'd won the lottery (see I am a true fan). Being a busy student with far too many hand in dates quickly approaching I had to justify watching this 7 hour show. So I decided to watch about an hour and a half each night once I got into bed, my justification being that I wouldn't be getting work done then anyway! 

What did you guys think to the show? I must admit (warning: I'm going to moan) I kept getting a bit irritated by all the technical failures. I mean I know it was live and it's the first time they have done it but I feel like there was no contingency plans for these moments, there was clearly not enough planning and there had definitely been no practice. I'm sorry, my Events Management head came on for a minute then. 
Despite the technical fails, I loved spending so much time with the boys! I felt like it gave me a chance to get to know them better (psycho fan coming out). My best presenter award has to go to Liam, I think he handled the technical faults very well, although Louis wasn't bad either. My FAVE bit was the 'talk dirty to me' VT, which, if you haven't seen, consisted of the boys basically being boys, having a laugh and making their own video to Jason Derulo's Talk dirty to me. It was HILARIOUS!! Link I also loved when Liam got his dream come true becoming a wrestler and was successful in the ring!

Leave me your comments below to let me know what you thought of the show and your fave bits! I'm off now to watch 'This is us' because I just cannot get enough of them boys! 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

Monday, 18 November 2013

November Haul

Heyyyy Everyone!

My Quote for the week is;

As I mentioned on last weeks Blog I have recently been watching and reading a lot of hauls and monthly favourites. I have tried my hardest to be a good girl and save my pennies for christmas shopping but being a girl who loves shopping as much as I do it has been hard to hold back. So I thought I would do a quick haul on things I have caved into buying this month. 

I have to say a massive 'SORRY!' because I was going to take some nice photos of me in my garden modelling my purchases, but due to a heavily family filled weekend I ran out of time. *family always comes first* I promise whenever I do a haul again I will be sure to take photos of me wearing the products! Do not mistake this photo for an outfit, don't get me wrong I would pair some of it up but not all together but not all of it, it just happens to look like I brought an outfit!  

Jumper Gap Trousers French ConnectionVest Top Next,
Shoes Kurt GeigerNecklace Accessorize  

So what do you think to my purchases? Tempted to go out and buy any yourself? Have you been shopping recently? Comment and tell me all about it. 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Christmas Wish List

Heyyyy Everyone!

My Quote for the week is;

I have spent a lot of time watching and reading other bloggers blogs and videos about their autumn essentials, look books and general monthly favourites. Obviously during this my desire to go out and shop till I drop is increasing a ridiculous amount! As I am a student and with Christmas coming up (saving money for other peoples gifts) I have have to refrain from spending all my pennies and have instead decided to start my Christmas list early! There's 5 things that have immediately gone straight to the top of my list so I'm going to share them with you now; 

1. Inspired by Niomi Smart's Blog - I LOVED the Kurt Geiger Boots (here) she has and I just have to have them! Being a student though I should not be popping down the shops to throw £150 at a pair of boots so I have requested them for christmas (I'm 99% sure my mum has ordered them YAY)

2. Levi's - my new discovery of amazing jeans. I've some of the light denim Levi's and they are the most comfortable jeans I own. I wear them almost everyday so I think it's about time I get another pair to alternate between. 

3. Soap & Glory- My ultimate favourite products but slightly out of my day-to-day beauty price range, so I always ask for a stock up at christmas to get me through the year! 

4. A New Bag - I would really like a new classic black bag that I can use during the day and in the evening, so a small size with a long strap. I cannot find one that I LOVE yet. I've had a look at Michael Kors and the usual high street shops but still no luck. Comment below if you know of any ideas for me :)

5.  Again on Niomi Smart's blog I have recently seen a Kurt Geiger Necklace she wears a lot. It is a classic piece that goes with everything! It is unfortunately not on the Kurt Geiger website at the moment, it is very similar to the one here except silver, I do like this one, but I think I will keep my eye out for a classic just like hers. 

Comment below with your christmas lists (if your as crazy as me and have already written them) 

Ciao EmmaJessica <3

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Carrot Cake

Heyyyy Everyone!

This weekend I have taken to the kitchen! I love baking so much, always have since I was younger, but I don't do enough of it. So when my mum suggested dusting off our aprons and baking a cake I jumped at the chance. Carrot cake is one of my favourites so I searched the net for some recipes and liked the look of Nigella Lawsons which had a twist to the usual recipe by adding walnuts (If you don't like nuts, don't worry, you can always try putting raisons in or keep it simple with just carrot). So follow my step-by-step instructions of her recipe and bake with me :)

For the Cake
300 grams self-raising flour
¼ teaspoon baking powder
¼ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ teaspoon ground cloves
¼ teaspoon nutmeg (grated)
pinch of salt
335 ml sunflower oil
450 grams sugar
125 grams carrots (grated)
140 grams walnuts (chopped)
tablespoons boiling water
For the Icing
    175 grams unsalted butter
    200 Grams cream cheese (full fat, softened)
    215 grams icing sugar (sifted)

    1. Okay, First things first, WASH YOUR HANDS, very important when doing any kind of cooking/baking! Hygiene comes first! 

      2. I used two tins that I butter bottom and sides. Cover the buttered bottoms of the tins with a circular piece of baking paper, butter the paper then cover it as well as the sides with flour. It sounds ridiculous preparing the tins so much but trust me it makes it a lot easier to get the cakes out at the end so its worth it! (I used two tins because I wanted to make one cake to leave at home for my family and one cake to take back to university to share with my friends. You can use the two tins to make a layered cake which will be explained later.)

        3. Sift together the flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, spices and salt.
          4. Separate 2 of the 4 eggs.
            5. In a large bowl beat together both the oil and the sugar. Add the whole eggs one at a time, beat the mixture well before adding the two egg yolks. Stir in both the grated carrots and the chopped walnuts. Fold in the flour then add the boiling water.

              6. In another bowl, whisk the 2 egg whites to soft peak stage. Fold it into the batter.

                7. Divide the cake between the two tins. 

                8. Bake for 45 minutes or until a skewer inserted at the center of the cake comes out clean. 45 minutes is a long time, so busy yourself whilst your waiting. I decided to have a cheeky Gin & Tonic, relax with some candles and do my nails! 

                  9. The icing consists of mixing all the ingredients together. Keep the icing in the fridge until you are ready to use it.

                    10. At this stage you can sandwich some icing between the two tiers of cake and then cover the rest with what remains. Or, just cover both cakes if you have decided to make two cakes like me.

                    Decorate however you like, I have just gone for a simple sprinkle of cinnamon and some of my left over walnuts. Put the whole cake in the fridge for 2 hours before serving. The icing fares better if this cake remains in the fridge.

                    11. THE BEST PART.... Boil the kettle and enjoy your cake with a cuppa.. Yummy 

                    Let me know in the comments if you bake this cake yourself and how it went, and even tweet me your pictures to @EmmaJessica27

                    Ciao EmmaJessica <3

                    Friday, 18 October 2013

                    50 facts about me

                    Heyyyy Everyone! 

                    My Quote for the week is:

                    I always see these blogs done by YouTubers as videos and think they look like great fun so I've decided to do a blog version of my own. 50 facts you may or may not know about me, from the boring basics to the weird and wonderful... Enjoy! 

                    10 boring basics 
                    1. I was born in Nottingham 
                    2. I moved to a small city called Lichfield when I was 12 (a big move for me at the time!)
                    3. I have a huge family- like bigger than you can imagine (Christmas lasts weeks with visiting them all)
                    4. I'm studying Event Management at university and I love it 
                    5. I lived in Brussels, Belgium, for a year during my placement year (one of the best times of my life)
                    6. I'm short - about 5'4 I think 
                    7. My hair is ridiculously straight! 
                    8. I don't really have a fave food, I sort of just love food in general (fatty) 
                    9. My fave colour is green (although I'm a very colourful person so I like most colours!)
                    10. I'm short, I think average girl height but everyone says I'm small! 

                    10 of my loves/interests
                    11. I love baths (relaxing and watching YouTube videos in the bath is my fave)
                    12. I'm really creative (I love being crafty!)
                    13. I love festivals! Care free and seeing live music (Glastonbury is my fave) 
                    14. I love travelling - I've been to HongKong, Thailand, Fiji, & travelled about Europe ( far!)
                    15. I love sleep- I sometimes wonder if I have a sleeping problem, I could easily sleep for 24hrs
                    16. My friends sometimes tell me I'm a shopaholic (I can sort of see it)
                    17. Movies! I can spend all day watching movies! 
                    18. Similar to 17. The cinema, the whole experience along with a movie, perfection
                    19. I love getting massages (I'm sure most people do) I could lie there for hours 
                    20. I love driving, turning my music up loud and cruising! 

                    10 weird things 
                    21. I have screws in both of my big toes! 
                    22. Other people's hair literally almost makes me vom (not when it's attached, when its on the floor or in the bathroom or anywhere, eurrghhh!) 
                    23. I'm a cry baby, I cry at everything, sad, happy, inspirational, the lot! 
                    24. One of my worst hates is smelly feet!!
                    25. The first thing I look at when I meet people is their teeth, I've got a thing about teeth
                    26. I have a secret obsession with jelly fish (they are fascinating), I'd like to have pet jelly fish when I'm older!
                    27. I fear being lonely, if I'm alone for too long I get super emotional 
                    28. I like watching programmes that scare me, even though I know I will then not sleep all night! Stupid huhh!
                    29. I have to roll over at least 3 times before I can fall asleep, I have to make sure I'm comfy (I've no idea how people just get in bed and sleep straight away!)
                    30. I really struggle to wear tights because they itch my legs awfully, I have to buy expensive tights and even then I get uncomfortable early evening, it's so annoying!

                    10 of my biggest faves
                    31. Levi jeans
                    32. All soap and glory products
                    33. Fairy lights (so pretty) 
                    34. CHRISTMAS! 
                    35. Reading a good book 
                    36. Candles, plenty of candles 
                    37. Jelly Fish (again but I love them)
                    38. TV - Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I'm an addict!
                    39. Absolute Flavoured vodka (I actually collect it and have 16 full bottles in my bedroom!)
                    40. Old school sleepovers (with face masks, gossiping and midnight feasts!)

                    10 things I don't know how to categorise
                    41. I am so indecisive, I can't even decide what I want for dinner most days
                    42. I don't think I'm very good at styling myself (I normally get advise from my mum and my friends)
                    43. I'm an Apple product chick, will never buy an alternative!
                    44. I believe I have been in love once and I cherish that I got to experience that :) 
                    45. In contrast to my shopping addict I'm actually very good at saving money 
                    46. I collect Starbucks mugs (the ones with the city name on, I try to get them wherever I go, try!)
                    47. One of my morals of life is 'everything happens for a reason'
                    48. I'm lucky enough to have friends all over the country 
                    49. Do not approach me in the mornings, I'm soooo not a morning person!
                    50. I'm so excited to start my own family

                    I hope you enjoyed finding some more things out about me. Tell me some fun facts about yourself in the comment! 

                    Ciao Emma Jessica <3